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Added: 18.05.2018

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Street Adult vids sesame
Not to mention the Count with a high-top fade rapping with Kid n Play!!
Street Adult vids sesame
Landfills don't all get turned into parks, and having all that waste isn't as much of an argument for crushing trash as it is for making less in the first place -- but the shout-out to recycling is a nice touch.
Street Adult vids sesame
'Sesame Street' videos hit with adults as well – The Marquee Blog - Blogs
Street Adult vids sesame
Another one that cracked me up was about the letter U. Sesame Street helps to explain some of the harsh realities of the world in ways that kids can understand.
Street Adult vids sesame
10 classic Sesame Street moments we wouldn't show today's kids
Street Adult vids sesame
I love that episode too!
Street Adult vids sesame
I remember Sesame Street as being an educational show that teaches kids about counting and reading, but it also deals with a lot of social issues.
Street Adult vids sesame
Things about Sesame Street you notice as an adult
Street Adult vids sesame
Bert and Ernie are totally a couple. For young kids who have yet to learn the proper rules of grammar, the way Elmo talks is no big deal.
Street Adult vids sesame
Big Bird's Big Influence: 7 Sesame Street Videos Teaching Kids Green
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